The Right Mat for Every Job!

Safety? Branding? Comfort? Employee health? Facility sanitation? Design? No matter what your business concerns may be, chances are your flooring requirements include a specialized matting component. After two decades in the flooring world, we’ve learned a lot about the applications which drive specialized flooring demands across different industries. See for yourself! 

Construction Design

Integrated building aligns the objectives of developers, architects, engineers, consultants, and construction managers to yield a positive outcome for all stakeholders.  Rely on Direct Mat for attractive, comfortable, low maintenance flooring solutions which boost the marketability of the site and enhance the enjoyment of future residents for decades to come.

Products: Direct Mat offers a range of off-the-shelf and custom options for new construction.

Facilities Management

Facilities management professionals deliver operational, safe, and sanitary sites while controlling costs. That’s why it’s important for products to perform across multiple criteria. For example, entrance mats protect against slips and falls (both inside and out), satisy ADA regulations,  reduce maintenance costs, and may even add branding pizzazz!

Products: Check out our range (from bare-bones practical to sensibly elegant) of options today! 


Step above space limitations!  Regardless of whether you run a retail shop, restaurant, department store, trade show booth, or service outlet, space is at a premium. That’s just one reason why mats are essential to your operation.  The right mat invites your customers inside, prevents slips and falls, and keeps your shop clean. 

Products: Direct Mat offers just the right mat for your space! Check out our off-the-shelf options or call today to learn more about our custom approach.  List mats.


Today’s biggest threat to manufacturing is the nationwide shortage of skilled labor.  As you explore ways to attract new workers, don’t forget to retain existing personnel!  One low cost, visible way to take care of employees is by treating them to anti-fatigue and safety mats. Safe, comfortable employees are happier …  and more productive.  

Products: Direct Mat offers a range of economical options for wet and dry manufacturing applications. 


While widely different in mandate and responsibility, government organizations (military bases; federal, state, and municipal offices; security agencies; schools; and other installations) share key management challenges. Among them are team building and promotion on a restricted budget. Logo mats are an economical way to brand the organization,  reduce dirt and debris, and enhance facility safety. 

Products: In addition to custom designs, we offer a range of mats for your facility and operations.

Large Format

It’s hard to beat the graphics impact of a convention hall, indoor stadium, airport terminal, or train station.

Products: Get large-scale carpeting and more that’s just right for your project.

So much of what we do is customized for each client and application. To find out how we can help you with your special project, phone 1.800.295.3932.